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Idaho National Laboratory

Humanoid Robotics
Current Research Projects

Humanoid Research has already begun to accelerate. While only a few institutions are fully dedicated to the creation of humanoid robots, a host of projects around the world are meeting with encouraging success in particular areas. This section highlights endeavors in legged locomotion, arm control and dexterous manipulation, robot-human interaction, service robots, learning and adaptive behavior, perception, and anthropopathic (emotive) robots. These categories certainly should and do overlap. Robust arm control is, of course, impossible without perception. Legged locomotion for rough terrain usually requires a panoply of machine-learning techniques. One of the most encouraging things for the world of Humanoid Robotics is the increased collaboration and community between these various projects and research areas. The brief descriptions given attempt to give some insight into how these projects are encouraging the development of the field.

David Bruemmer,