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Idaho National Laboratory

Feature Story

INL team visits Albertson College

President Bob Hoover of Albertson College in Caldwell, Idaho, hosted Harold Blackman, INL deputy associate laboratory director for Science and Technology and interim director of the Center for Advanced Energy Studies, plus a small group representing INL on Feb. 6, 2007.

Photo: Conference room

Jim Herzog (left) of INL's Chief Research Office, and Jeff Benson (middle) of INL's Education, Training and Research Directorate discuss potential collaborations with Albertson College Director of Business Department Jason Schweizer (right).

INL's team visited the campus to meet with faculty and students concerning areas of collaboration, internships, and career opportunities in science, engineering and energy research. President Hoover introduced INL representatives to faculty, who in turn gathered students to learn about INL in formal presentations and informal individual discussions.

INL's David Miller presented a lecture to about 50 students and faculty on the chemistry of energy, INL's need for chemical experts in research programs, and key energy technologies developed at INL during the past decade. Melinda Hamilton, director of Life and Earth Sciences, focused her biotechnology presentation on the award-winning extremophile research conducted at INL. She emphasized the value of field research in natural resources like the Yellowstone National Park hot pools, where organisms were found containing enzymes that can function in both high-acid and high-temperature conditions.

Blackman gave an overview of the missions of both INL and CAES, focusing on future energy needs and important research efforts America must pursue.

After the visit, Blackman said, "Albertson College offers an excellent education for their students and there are significant opportunities for a synergistic relationship between the college and INL. We look forward to a growing relationship."

Jim Herzog of INL's Chief Research Office met with faculty, Mark Smith vice president of Academic Affairs and Jason Schweizer, the financial officer and director of the Business Department.

Herzog commented, "We learned that INL can offer some key research opportunities for students and faculty, which in turn will benefit the national laboratory. We hope some of our newest researchers will come with an Albertson heritage."

Photo: Students in auditorium

Melinda Hamilton (front left corner) joined about 50 students and faculty of Albertson College to hear INL representatives talk about energy research, careers, and INL.

"We appreciate INL sending a team of professionals to visit us," said Smith. "Our faculty and students learned new things about Idaho's national laboratory, especially about the breadth and depth of energy research that is being conducted there. We anticipate growing a special relationship in the future."

Jeff Benson, of Education, Training and Research Partnerships, shared with more than 75 students the keys to successfully applying for internships at INL and outlined key skills that will be required by the work force of the future.

In addition to the short lectures and discussions, INL presented graphic displays and informational products on various business lines, including National and Homeland Security, nuclear energy research, CAES, renewable energy, INL's distinctive scientific signature research areas, and much more.

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