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Idaho National Laboratory

Natural Gas Technologies
Press Releases
Date Title
September 25, 2003 A bus for all seasons
2003 The New Yellow Shuttle Bus (196 KB PDF)
September 12, 2002 INEEL assists in developing innovative prototype shuttle bus
June 24, 2002 INEEL teams with California groups to unveil unique natural gas liquefaction facility (Note: Some information in this press release may no longer be accurate. For updated information please refer to to the liqufaction plants page.)
May 26, 1998 Westport Innovations Inc. and the U.S. Department of Energy'S Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Lab Announce Strategic Alliance
June 16, 1997 Denver Summit to include INEEL Natural Gas Vehicles
June 10, 1996 INEL Buses Head to the 1996 Olympics
Business Contact:
David Anderson, (208) 526-0837, Send E-mail
Technical Contacts:
Program and Technical Manager: Bruce Wilding, (208) 526-8160, Send E-mail