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Idaho National Laboratory

Natural Gas Technologies
Technical Support and Outreach

How can the INL help your agency or group?

The INL receives requests for assistance from various federal, state, and public alternative fuel fleets and fuel station operators. The INL works with other federal agencies and groups providing support to their implementation of alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure.

The INL has technical outreach and support teams to respond to these requests. Assistance usually consists of solving vehicle, fueling, or operational problems, including systems integration difficulties. Other requests are received for assistance in developing training, procedures or compliance with codes and standards.

Through this outreach, the INL has assisted the following groups with implementation of alternative fuel technologies, and fleet maintenance and pollution prevention practices:

In addition to technical outreach and support, four INL LNG buses were provided for the 1996 Summer Olympic games in Atlanta, Georgia.

As the DOE national laboratory with the most direct technical expertise with alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure, the INL stands ready with experience and capability to assist the government and the private sector with their alternative fuel vehicle needs.

Business Contact:
David Anderson, (208) 526-0837, Send E-mail
Technical Contacts:
Program and Technical Manager: Bruce Wilding, (208) 526-8160, Send E-mail