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Idaho National Laboratory

National Security
Signature Capabilities

INL’s national security signature capabilities distinguish the laboratory among providers to the departments of Energy, Defense and Homeland Security, and Intelligence Community. These signatures merge unique facilities, scaleable test beds and recognized scientific and engineering expertise, creating five distinct areas of program dominance. INL uses these capabilities along with its materials behavior and process control technology platforms to provide advanced solutions to some of the nation's most pressing issues.

Creating armor solutions addressing current and future explosives and ballistic threats
Conducting research and performing testing on trace explosives detection systems and developing and testing explosives detection technologies
Conducting programs in materials and process security/signatures and detection; advanced nuclear energy safeguards and policy; and radiological/nuclear training, testing and evaluation
Addressing the threats to electric power security and reliability from domestic and international terrorism
Providing unmanned aerial vehicle and unmanned ground vehicle collaborative operational testing and demonstration.
Conducting large-scale, end-to-end testing of cellular, land mobile radios, wireless local area network and backhaul systems
General Contact:
Ethan Huffman, (208) 526-0660,