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Idaho National Laboratory

National Security

INL provides a full spectrum of survivability services to the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community and other government agencies including threat analysis, systems engineering, prototyping, design and special process manufacturing.

As sole producer of the heavy armor that helps make the U.S. Army Abrams Tank - the world’s best armored vehicle, INL capitalizes on the laboratory’s superlative capabilities in materials engineering, integrated design and award-winning manufacturing processes to conducts a broad range of basic and applied research focusing on comprehensive survivability solutions to meet the ever changing explosives and ballistic threat.

Some of INL’s research programs include in-situ material bonding processes, fabrication of thin titanium plate stock and spray-form encapsulation of metallic-based alloy materials of ceramic armor tiles. Additionally, the laboratory is sponsoring several research projects aimed at reducing the cost of production and/or increasing performance of existing armor materials.

INL has unmatched capabilities in armor materials development, systems design and ballistic testing. We maintain a full range of material testing capabilities, ranging from standard, quasi-static tests to high-strain, rate-split Hopkinson pressure bar testing. Additionally, we have an on-site indoor, mil-spec compliant test range for testing armor-piercing (AP) rounds, and an outdoor range for .50 cal. AP rounds.

INL maintains an unparalleled armor manufacturing facility, with capabilities for processing a wide range of materials for armor, shielding and structural applications.

INL’s modeling and simulation and live-fire test range allow comprehensive evaluation and testing of armor solutions.