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Idaho National Laboratory

National Security
National Defense

INL develops solutions for the U.S. military in survivability, command and control, information systems, and by providing rapid prototyping of integrated engineering systems. We deliver state-of-the-art systems using INL-developed sensors and technologies to the U.S. soldier, both home and abroad. Our mission planning and simulation software is used throughout the Department of Defense. Our systems supported mission planning in Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom and in Afghanistan. In addition to these areas, we provide training and training facilities for a variety of military and other customers.

The Mobile Munitions Assessment System is used by the U.S. Army for the assessment and characterization of “non-stockpile” chemical weapons materiel. INL chemical-weapons assessment program leverages the experience and expertise of the laboratory’s science, technology and operations programs. This program includes multiple projects in mobile and fixed chemical munitions assessment that ensure U.S. compliance with the Chemical Weapons Convention.

We successfully use rapid prototyping to deploy integrated systems in the field quickly. We embrace the concept of constant interaction and close coordination with the client throughout the life of the project. We have a large, modern prototype laboratory, fully equipped and we are able to accommodate any fabrication and assembly task. Our lab technicians are skilled in cutting, grinding, welding, hoisting and rigging, and mechanical and electrical engineering.

INL is the sole producer of heavy armor for the M1 A1 Abrams tank packages for the military. The Specific Manufacturing Capability’s modeling and simulation capability and metal fabrication design and automation know-how are considered national assets. We are leveraging this expertise to develop survivability solutions for Future Combat Systems applications using advanced ceramics and ceramic composites.

Our computing research and development has resulted in an easy-to-use framework for parrallel computing, facilitating conversion of serial tasks to run in parallel.

We are also exploring unmanned aerial vehicle payload, communications and mission operations.

National Defense,