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Idaho National Laboratory

National Security
News Releases
Date Title
October 11, 2005 INL’s Reber and Idaho Explosives Detection System win Homeland Security Award
September 20, 2005 INL’s Breaching Shotgun licensed for production by Boise company
September 7, 2005 Four-star general, former drug czar continues INL’s National Security Seminar Series
August 4, 2005 Former Iraqi nuclear scientist to speak at INL
July 12, 2005 INL's Hazmat Camera wins coveted R&D 100 Award
June 6, 2005 Idaho National Laboratory Receives Second Round of Homeland Security Funding for Cyber Threat Reduction Program
April 18, 2005 Idaho National Laboratory scientist securing highly enriched uranium abroad
December 9, 2004 INL and NASA launch UAVs to evaluate earthbound missions
November 15, 2004 Bush nonproliferation expert to speak at INEEL National Security Seminar Series
June 14, 2004 Military first responders to take on simulated 'dirty' dispersal device at INEEL
June 10, 2004 INEEL to demonstrate Explosive Detection System
December 19, 2002 INEEL engineer designs video camera for chem/bio response teams-a perfect stocking stuffer with batteries included
November 18, 2002 INEEL scientists create drug test that reveals taker's identity
May 13, 2002 INEEL bioterrorism expert conducts workshop for Idaho State Police
January 21, 2002 INEEL hires former brigadier general for national security job
August 1, 2001 Idaho Accelerator Center receives grant from Idaho Board of Education
May 22, 2001 White House honors INEEL waste tracking process
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