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Idaho National Laboratory

National Security
Special Programs

We conduct research and development projects in support of the Defense Department and other federal agencies. Technologies developed for these programs have been awarded with seven R&D 100 awards since 1988 and several technologies have applications far beyond national security.

The Change Detection System compares images taken at different times and exposes even inconspicuous differences. The software system can reveal minor discrepancies in a scene, X-rays, or circuit boards, offering the medical community and manufacturers another method to detect changes in a patient's condition or flaws in a product.

Our scientists have formulated a solid polymer electrolyte that could revolutionize the battery industry, extending battery life for high-drain electronic devices such as laptops and cell phones, and low-drain devices such as watches and pacemakers.

Our engineers have designed platforms and enhancements to highly mobile robots that may offer military, police or search and rescue crews an alternative to sending personnel into high-risk situations.

Additional research topics include standoff explosive detection and materials behavior and composition.

Special Programs,