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Idaho National Laboratory

National SCADA Test Bed Program
Intermediate SCADA Security (8 hours)

Who should attend:

Information security personnel, SCADA security personnel, network engineers, SCADA engineers/integrators, and developers.


This fast-paced, hands-on course is packed with information covering:

This course is structured to help students not only understand exactly how attacks against SCADA systems could be launched and why they work, but also provides mitigation strategies to increase the cyber security posture of your control system network. Because it is hands-on, students get a deeper understanding of how the various tools work.

The hands-on character of this course requires that every student have a laptop computer they can configure and bring to the class. All students in this course should have already mastered networking fundamentals such as UDP vs. TCP, MAC vs. IP addresses, Layer 2 vs. Layer 3 switches, and be comfortable with memory management and coding in C++, Java , or Assembly. In other words, it is a technical course. To be fair to the other students, we will not be able to slow this class to answer very basic questions, so if you are not comfortable with these topics, please take the Introductory SCADA Security Course where you will get much of the same material but without the technical details.

Accompanying this course is a sample SCADA network that will be used to demonstrate exploits used for unauthorized control of the SCADA system and mitigation solutions. This network will also be used during the course for the many hands-on exercises that will help you develop control system cyber security skills that you can apply when you return home.

Sample SCAD Network diagram

Intermediate SCADA Security Sample SCADA Network

Download the training presentation — 14MB PDF

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