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Idaho National Laboratory

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I am requesting INL provide a speaker to meet with our organization. Here are the specifics of my request.

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Speaker Information

- (list the specific speaker, if known)

- (list the audience and expected size of the group)

- (specific topic of the presentation, if known)

- (breakfast, luncheon, dinner, classroom, evening, etc.)

- (specific day, time, and length of speaking opportunity)

- (specific location - with directions, if necessary)

- (note the purpose of this presentation so appropriate speakers can be provided)

- (multi-media presentation, formal speech, etc., or no preference)


Please know that the more specific information received, the more likely we will be able to provide the specific type of information requested. Also, you will receive an email or phone call response confirming the receipt of this request within two working days of submitting it. If you are not contacted within that time, please contact the individual listed below.

Keith Arterburn, 526-4845, Send E-mail