Joint Appointments

A joint appointment is a unique arrangement where an individual has formal ties to both INL and a university. This partnership enhances research collaboration as joint appointees conduct research and development at both the home and host institutions.

Researchers profit by having access to INL employees and resources, while working in a university research setting fosters creativity and entrepreneurship.

What kind of Joint Appointments are available?

1. Incoming. A university employee is requested to work on site at INL.
2. Outgoing. An INL employee is requested to work at a university.

INL Joint Appointees

Boise State University

Nancy Glenn
David Solan

California State University, Long Beach

Stephen Mezyk

Idaho State University

George Imel
Jake Jacobson
Chad Pope
Haiming Wen
Leslie Kirby

Indiana University

William Sherman

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dave Petti (outgoing)

North Carolina State University 

John Gilligan

University of Idaho

Tom Wood
Michael Haney

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Thomas Hartmann

University of Wyoming

Amy Banic

Virginia Commonwealth University

Milos Manic