Critical Infrastructure Protection

Given the increasing interconnections and interdependencies of systems — such as our communications, power distribution and transportation infrastructure — it is essential that government agencies and industry recognize potential vulnerabilities and mitigations to protect critical infrastructure.



Resilience has emerged in the national dialogue; the concept centers on the notion of a complex system being able to recover and continue operating through disruptive, manmade or natural, events. INL research leads the “security by design” effort to incorporate resilience into critical control system components.

Nexus of Cyber, Controls and Wireless Communications 

INL is focused on the “nexus” of cyber, controls and wireless communications, and our differentiating science-based, full-scale assets uniquely position INL to lead technology and solution development to secure industrial control systems.

Control Systems Security

INL experts employ their real-world control system knowledge to advance the physical and cyber security protection of industrial control systems. The lab has developed the capabilities and multidisciplinary teams to provide analysis and deployable solutions to meet the complex and evolving national challenges of cyber-physical integration, infrastructure resilience and critical support for the lifeline sectors.

Our control systems security programs are fundamentally changing how the Nation and world approaches analysis of threats to the complex myriad cyber-physical systems that are integral to the reliability and resilience of our critical infrastructure and national defense.


INL provides unmatched knowledge and capabilities for securing critical infrastructure systems, technology and resources to protect infrastructure from physical and cyber security threats and an unbiased review of national standards and security requirements.